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3: 1. Samantha Wheeler: a formidable force with a complex past. 2. Explore her intriguing journey and conflicted relationship with the law.

4: 1. Louis Litt, the eccentric genius who knows how to push everyone's buttons. 2. Uncover his hidden depths and addictive dynamics with other characters.

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6: 1. Daniel Hardman, the cunning puppeteer with a talent for chaos. 2. Dive into the drama surrounding this polarizing antagonist.

7: 1. Robert Zane, a well-respected figure with a dark side. 2. Follow his compelling story and the challenges he presents to the main cast.

8: 1. Sheila Sazs, the quirky and unpredictable legal prodigy. 2. Experience her unique brand of brilliance and her impact on the show.

9: 1. Alex Williams, the ambitious adversary keeping us on the edge of our seats. 2. Witness the high-stakes power struggles that define his role in the series.