1: 1. Harvey Specter: The charismatic lawyer who captivated us with his brilliance and charm, Harvey remains an unforgettable character we yearn to see in the Gina Torres spinoff.

2: 2. Mike Ross: As the talented fraud turned lawyer, Mike brought a unique dynamic to Suits. His absence in the spinoff leaves us longing for his wit and intelligence.

3: 3. Donna Paulsen: The iconic Donna, with her unparalleled instincts and unwavering loyalty, is sorely missed. We hope to witness her indomitable spirit once again.

4: 4. Jessica Pearson: A formidable force in the legal world, Jessica commanded respect and admiration. Her character's inclusion in the spinoff would undoubtedly enhance the narrative.

5: 5. Louis Litt: The quirky and oft-misunderstood Louis brought comic relief and emotional depth to Suits. The Gina Torres spinoff would benefit greatly from his eccentric persona.

6: 6. Rachel Zane: A legal prodigy with a heart of gold, Rachel's absence leaves a void in the storyline. Her return in the spinoff would undoubtedly add depth and complexity.

7: 7. Alex Williams: With his sharp intellect and shrewd ways, Alex's character contributed greatly to the Suits universe. We eagerly await his appearance in the Gina Torres spinoff.

8: 8. Katrina Bennett: As a determined and talented lawyer, Katrina's character brought a fresh perspective to Suits. Including her in the spinoff would diversify the narrative further.

9: 9. Robert Zane: The seasoned lawyer, father, and mentor, Robert's presence enriched the Suits storyline. Discovering his role in the Gina Torres spinoff would be a delightful treat.