1: In the vastness of space, a cosmic marvel unfolds. Seven galaxies collided, birthing an extraordinary radio signal. Its billion-year journey finally reaches Earth, unraveling the secrets of our universe.

2: From the heart of these colliding galaxies, a radio wave pulses across the cosmic expanse. Its echoes carry the story of an ancient collision, a billion-year tale waiting to be heard.

3: Billions of light-years away, distant worlds collide in a celestial dance. Seven galaxies intertwine, creating a symphony of radio signals that now grace our planet after an arduous journey.

4: Across the vastness of space, a cosmic transmission emerges. Carried by time and distance, it carries the tale of seven galaxies merging. A billion-year journey ends as we listen in awe.

5: A journey through time and space, a collision of worlds unfolds. A billion-year-old signal arrives, whispering the story of seven galaxies entwined. We marvel at the ancient marvels in our skies.

6: From a distant epoch, a billion-year voyage completes. Seven galaxies collide, their radio signals reaching our cosmic doorstep. Through this grand event, we glimpse the immense power of the universe.

7: Across unfathomable distances, the remnants of seven galaxies bring news of their ancient union. They share a billion-year-old radio signal, unveiling the beauty of cosmic collisions on Earth.

8: A celestial journey spanning billions of years, embodied in a radio wave's arrival. Seven galaxies' cosmic ballet ends, delivering their signal. We unravel the mysteries of our past through these whispers from afar.

9: Billions of light-years traveled, a signal from colliding galaxies emerges. A billion-year Odyssey concludes, unveiling the fascinating story of seven interacting worlds. We behold the marvels of the cosmos.