1: "Neil Armstrong's Giant Leap: The Moon Landing on a Coin!"

2: "Sputnik's Journey: Commemorating the First Satellite in Orbit."

3: "The Hubble Telescope: A Coin's Tribute to Deep Space Exploration."

4: "Curiosity Rover's Martian Adventure: A Coin's Homage to Mars exploration."

5: "Yuri Gagarin's Historic Spaceflight: Celebrating the First Human in Space."

6: "Voyager's Grand Tour: A Coin's Tribute to Interstellar Explorations."

7: "The ISS: A Coin's Salute to the First Permanent Space Station."

8: "Pluto Probe's Pathbreaker: Celebrating New Horizons' Flyby on a Coin!"

9: "Space Shuttle Era: Honoring the Iconic STS Program on a Commemorative Coin."