1: 1. "The emotional rollercoaster of 'Suits' spinoff brings tears to our eyes. Discover the top five moments that hit us right in the heart."

2: 2. "Witness the heart-wrenching goodbye between Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. Their bond transcends the courtroom and brings genuine tears."

3: 3. "Louis Litt's vulnerability shines through as he battles personal struggles. Prepare to shed a tear witnessing his raw and powerful performance."

4: 4. "Donna's journey from legal secretary to executive stirs emotions. Her heartfelt moments will leave you reaching for the tissues."

5: 5. "Samantha Wheeler's fierce determination and emotional backstory captivate our hearts. Prepare yourself for the tear-jerking moments."

6: 6. "The intense rivalry turned unbreakable friendship between Harvey and Jessica Pearson will move you to tears in these unforgettable scenes."

7: 7. "Rachel Zane's inspiring determination and sacrifices bring tears of both joy and sadness. Get ready to experience her emotional journey."

8: 8. "Alex Williams' complex character arc takes us on an emotional rollercoaster. Witness the moments that make even the toughest hearts cry."

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