1: 1. Don't boil clove tea excessively; it may lead to bitterness. Steep for 5 minutes.

2: 2. Avoid using ground cloves; whole cloves give a more flavorful tea.

3: 3. Drinking cold clove tea? Remember to add a natural sweetener to enhance taste.

4: 4. Don't consume excessive amounts of clove tea; moderation is key.

5: 5. Experimenting with flavors? Try adding a hint of cinnamon to your clove tea.

6: 6. Oversteeping clove tea can result in overpowering flavors; be cautious.

7: 7. Strain your clove tea properly to remove any unwanted solids.

8: 8. To reduce acidity, add a dash of milk or switch to decaffeinated clove tea.

9: 9. Always ensure your clove tea is fresh; old or expired tea loses its potency.