10 Movies That Are Supposed To Make You Uncomfortable

10 movies that are supposed to make you uncomfortable

Requiem for a dream 2000   this harrowing film directed by darren aronofsky portrays addiction and its devastating effects on four interconnected lives

A clockwork orange 1971 stanley kubricks adaptation of anthony burgesss novel is known for its disturbing portrayal of violence dystopia and behavioral conditioning

Irreversible 2002   gaspar noés film employs a controversial narrative structure and explicit violence exploring themes of revenge and trauma

Antichrist 2009   directed by lars von trier this psychological horror film delves into grief loss and graphic violence

Martyrs 2008   a french horror film that explores the themes of torture suffering and transcendence pushing the boundaries of the genre

Funny games 1997 and 2007 both versions directed by michael haneke depict a family held hostage by two young men in a homeinvasion scenario

We need to talk about kevin 2011 this psychological drama explores the relationship between a mother and her disturbed son delving into themes of parental responsibility

Salò or the 120 days of sodom 1975   directed by pier paolo pasolini this film is notorious for its explicit and disturbing portrayal of sadistic and perverse acts read more